Honor your body

My new friend Krystal emailed these spectacular words of wisdom to me yesterday, and it was so lovely I had to share it with you:

“You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.”

Every time someone says to me, "I'll give you 10 of mine" (when I say I want to gain), every time you are saying to yourself "I look like a boy," every time you feel weak for having wrinkles, or hips...know this: you are enough....you ARE your body. It's not yours to possess and whip into shape or manage. It is beautiful and broken and the only thing that in the world that does not leave you.

Honor it...don't just accept it. Honor it.

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Lauren said...

Loved that. What a fantastic little dose of perspective. Thanks for sharing, Carrie (and Krystal).

Silly Girl said...

Never have words been so true. Thanks for posting it.

Lynn (The Actors Diet) said...

Well said. Whenever I find myself criticizing my body I think of 2 of my friends who are both in wheelchairs. How beautiful and radiant these women are - and I don't identify them by their bodies at all. It makes me grateful for what my body does, and at the same time, realize I'm so much more than just that.

Bron said...

Thank you Krystal for expressing what is so true so beautifully, and thank you Carrie for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting- and different from what I see in a lot of things written about "normal eating". The more typical message is "You are NOT your body"- the message being that you are more than that, and that your value is not based on your body shape, weight, etc.

I was heartened yesterday though, when going into my local swimming pool, to see a young woman (meaning probably in her early 20s) wearing a t-shirt that said "Love Your Body". Of course, I complimented her.

A:) said...

I like this Carrie <3

Kim said...

I just got your comment suggesting eating avocadoes together, with a dash of cat hair...and I can't wait :)

Gaining Back My Life said...

"The only thing in the world that will not leave you". So true. Well said.

Lissy said...

imagine if that could really sink in.

i think i'm going to read this over and over and over. and send it to my niece.


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