Whose fail is this anyway?

Whose fail is this? I don't think it's the woman's- I think it's ours for being so judgemental.

fail owned pwned pictures

What do you think?

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Tiptoe said...

I think it's sad we have come to this--afraid of admitting our actions. But, at the same time, it seems ridiculous that this guy called the cops for missing 5 pounds of bacon. I guess he really missed his bacon.

A said...

At first glance that is funny -- at second, it is simply sad.

Carrie Arnold said...

You're right- it's a little absurdly funny. And yet it's tremendously sad that this woman couldn't tell her husband the truth. I don't know what the "fail" was supposed to be: the eating of the bacon, the lying to the husband, or something else.

Another thought: if the husband would have eaten the bacon, would it have been a "fail"?

ja said...

I think another "fail" would be the police actually wasting their time searching for bacon instead of actually doing real work, like arresting murderers and rapists.

If the article is true then it would definitely be sad that a woman is that ashamed about eating. However, I'm guessing that the article is fake. Five pounds is a LOT of bacon to eat in one sitting! Time to check out snopes.com.

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