You know how you're supposed to add the words "...IN BED" to the end of your fortune cookie reading? So now your fortune reads something like "The best is yet to come...in bed." And so on. Basically, you get to change a quasi-serious saying into something a little funny and risque.

Well, like many people, I get overwhelmed a lot. Even though most of the time, the things for which I am responsible aren't life shaking, I still feel exhausted and just overwhelmed with everything. How am I going to get everything done? How am I going to stay sane? Ultimately, I almost always wind up feeling like I dropped the ball and ruined things.

But I read about a way to kind of ease those thoughts of doom and gloom and sturm und drang. Just add "...today" to those thoughts.

"I dropped the ball...today."
"I burned dinner...today."
"I have too much to do...today."
"I feel like I ate too much...today."

It helps remind me that these feelings are temporary and that they will pass. That I can do something about what's going on. And that what just happened is in the past and I can't change it.

But I can move forward.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for this. It's an excellent idea.

Kim said...

I really like this. I'm extremely guilty of overusing the words "always" and "never." I think in extremes (duh). When I accept that things are temporary, for the most part, I'm much calmer. Instead of thinking, "I lost my job, I'm never going to find a new one," or "My husband is lazy and he's always going to be lazy," I can think of things in phases. It keeps me sane. Funny how powerful words can be...

Erinn said...

Very well put...thank you for this reminder!

Carrie Arnold said...

When I was in treatment and we would get Chinese food, one of the care workers would have us read our fortunes out loud and then add "...in bed" to the end, which makes the idea especially appealing to me.

And again, the reminder that whatever's bugging me isn't going to be forever is always helpful.

lifeischange said...

What an excellent idea! I will remember that and will put it to good use.

ja said...

That's really good idea.

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