What a dud...

After I finished this photo shoot, Aria gave me this look of "With what have you violated my ears, woman?" Though I ended up with bite marks on my hand, it was well worth it.
I'm not sure she agrees...

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Gaining Back My Life said...

OMG you made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, fantastic. The looks cats give are the best.

Hope said...

That's hilarious. She's no dud...she's a party animal.
Love it!!

Melanie S said...

Hahaha! Thanks for that. I really needed a good laugh. :)

Becca said...

your kitty is beautiful!

mary said...

Aria must love you very much! Oh the humiliation, put on a blog in all her glory. A people's health blogger no less. Good thing that laughter is the best medicine cause it's a winner!

Lexi said...

omg my cats looks just like yours! so cute! great blog, ED does BITE
Lots - o - Love,

Anonymous said...

Poor kitty. But so CUTE!

Carrie Arnold said...

I know- I got done and thought "this was so right yet so wrong."

Aria does appear to have forgiven me. Then again, the treats I gave her afterward no doubt helped. :)

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