Ain't that the truth...

The satire in The Onion always seems to be more truthful than the straightforward newspaper articles. And once again, they nail it, this time with this little gem:

Woman Upset At Herself For Feeling Hungry
MODESTO, CA—Telling friends that she "just ate a huge thing of yogurt four hours ago," local woman Vanessa Stroud chided herself Tuesday for feeling hunger, a natural urge experienced by all living creatures to ensure they consume the sustenance necessary to maintain metabolic processes and other vital biological functions. "God, I have no willpower at all," Stroud said regarding her inability to go without nourishment of any kind until the start of bikini season. "It's just my stupid brain telling me I need to eat when what I really need is another three-day cleanse." Stroud was later seen swatting her own hand as it reached out for a blueberry muffin.

How many of us can relate? It seems obvious that such behaviors are odd and irrational in others, but it's so hard to see it in ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie!

I'm Brandi Koskie, senior editor for I'm trying to reach out but can't find a way to contact you. Please shoot me a note at to discuss a guest blog invitation.

Brandi Koskie

Carrie Arnold said...


I just emailed you.


Just Eat It! said...

I saw this "article" this morning and laughed out loud. The irony of the situation is that it is so incredibly true.

Sarah said...

yeah, that one was way too close for comfort.

MelissaS said...

i absolutely automatically get pissed off at myself when i am hungry. then i remind myself that food is one of our most primary needs. that works. most of the time.

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