Come join me!

Everyone in the Metro DC area: come meet me (if you haven't already!) tomorrow at a talk given by Laura Collins of the advocacy group FEAST out in Warrenton, VA. I'll be introducing Laura, who will give a presentation on eating disorders, followed by cookies and punch. More information is here.

It starts at 3pm at the Warrenton campus of Lord Fairfax Community College in room 203. An interactive map is below.

Hope to see you there!

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emmy. said...

Jealoussss. I want to meet both of you!

I'm a bit far away, though.

Stupid Boston.

mary said...

Besides being far far away I have the whammy.
Hope you both have a great day.

A:) said...

Jealous also! I would love to meet you, but the US is just too far away :(

Carrie Arnold said...

Sorry you missed it- the meeting was informative and interesting.

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