Before you let the cat out of the bag...

...she has to be in the bag first.

I got back from grocery shopping last night and was putting my reusable bags away, when I discovered my little furry friend had made my tote her new home.

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Laur said...

My cats LOVE to get in bags and boxes!

Tiptoe said...

Cute picture! All the cats from my childhood loved bags, especially brown paper ones.

Now, just don't "tote" Aria away.

Fugu Sushi said...

I tote my cats away and they love it!

Gaining Back My Life said...

It's fun to stumble on posts like this.....especially when you really need them!

Kim said...

Oh my, so cute! I am prematurely traumatized by leaving my kitties with my parents for 2 weeks (leaving next weekend for Japan). I just love cats. They are so clever.

Carrie Arnold said...

I thought about toting her away, but she usually freaks when I pick her up.

Actually, Aria is more of a box girl than a bag one.

ann said...

what a sweetie! i like seeing the pictures of your kitty, it makes reading your blog feel less heavy to me, easier to come back to and think about.

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