The Anti-resolution

Almost a decade ago, my friends and I spent New Year's in a cabin up in Northern Michigan. We spent much of the time just trying to stay warm, and we lived off of several platters of brownies. As part of our celebration, we exchanged small slips of paper with each person's name on the top. On the paper, we were supposed to write out anti-resolutions for them, the things we didn't want them to change.

I found this so refreshingly different than our current culture, which emphasizes what's not going right and what you need to change. I'll be the first to admit there are plenty of things I need to work on in life, some of which don't have anything to do with the eating disorder. Change and growth are part of the human experience.

But we also need to take the time to celebrate what is going right, the things in our life that are working. These are no less important than those aspects of ourselves we feel could use a little fixing.

So here are a few of my anti-resolutions:

  • I am getting better at using my support team.
  • Curiosity!
  • I have decent cooking skills.
  • I like to make people laugh.
  • Books are a girl's best friend.
What about you? Do you have any anti-resolutions?

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kb said...

Approach life with a sense of humor!

marcella said...

Keep blogging Carrie!

Libby said...

Anti-resolution... that's a cool concept. I will have to think on that!

I am adopting Christine Kane's "word of the year" this year... my word being "fearless." I figure that's a good inspirational word, and it really applies to some of the things that I wish I'd done differently this year.

James said...

Just wanted to say I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

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