A search on Google for "manorexia" yields 85,300 hits.

Dennis Quaid had anorexia.
So did Billy Bob Thornton.

They didn't have manorexia.

Yes, a guy's experience of anorexia will be different than a woman's (see yesterday's post), but it's the same illness.

So stop trying to make it different.

I understand that people want to emphasize that eating disorders aren't just "a chick thing," and that's very good. But calling it "manorexia" seems to separate it from the "other" eating disorders, further shunting men away from the ED mainstream as it were.

From a neurochemical standpoint, it's the same illness. It is.

So please, stop.

With all of the -rexias. You're really making me anorexi-rexic.

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Anonymous said...

I heard them announce that segment on whatever the CBS morning show is and I almost screamed. Why does it need it's own name? My son has enough problems without this garbage. It still doesn't help him get treatment.

Carrie Arnold said...


Amen, sister. And kudos to your son for continuing to seek help for his eating disorder. Stigma is a problem, but separating AN into anorexia and manorexia ain't gonna end it.

Laura Collins said...

It's infuriating!!!

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