Recovered. Period.

I was at an Eating Disorders Coalition event this past Wednesday when I ran into my good friend Jenni Schaefer. I love Jenni. She is truly one of my heroes.

That day, she was wearing a t-shirt that said


Now, a shirt that says "recovered" rocks, in my opinion.

I, however, was most drawn to the period at the end.

It says, "I am recovered, and will be. I am done with Ed, through with the lies. I am fully committed to my health and my life."

"Recovered" is a statement.

"Recovered." is a way of life.

Add that period, people. It does make a difference.

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Anonymous said...

Very happy to see this super positive post, Carrie!

Harriet said...

I love it. Not "in remission." Not "managing my disorder." Recovered. Period. Go, Carrie!

licketysplit said...

Jenni is so inspiring! i had the privilege of hearing from her about a month ago and she totally renewed my hope and motivated me to fight for a 100% recovered life!

tori_927 said...

I LOVE JENNI. I talked to her when she came here and that's exactly what she said to me. She wrote in my book "Recovered rocks," with the "ed" in "recovered" underlined several times. She truly is an inspiration.

Ai Lu said...

Yes to full recovery!

It is possible and waiting for anyone who dares try it!

Here's to not worrying about calories consumed and calories consumed!

Thanks, Carrie.

~Ai Lu

Tiptoe said...

"Recovered." It has such a nice ring, and I hope it is something we all strive to achieve.

Thanks for the reminder.

Carrie Arnold said...

I'm not saying that I'm "recovered." Not by a long shot. But I love the idea.

Sarah said...

when do you know, though? when do you know when to add that period? that's what I want to know.

great post, Carrie.

Carrie Arnold said...


You read my mind. I have a post about that I'm planning for tonight (provided the internet is up, else I'll have to go to the public library and check out even MORE books- as if 8 wasn't enough!)

Anonymous said...

Excellent. :)

Jenni Schaefer said...

Hi everyone! I am so glad that you guys relate to "RECOVERED." Thanks, Carrie, for the nice words. You are my hero, too! And thanks to everyone else for posting. Keep fighting!

mary said...

Should of known that it was the punctuation that would help you finish this thing Carrie! LOL Here's to the humble period that ended the life of a writer's nasty ED!
Here's to all you who help remind each other of what it is you've been fighting the Jenni's and the Carrie's and others who make a difference in other ways. Keep up the good fight! /*********

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