NEDA Austin Highlights

Now that I'm back from NEDA and reasonably caught up on sleep, I can post the highlights- the good and the bad.

First, the not-so-good:

  • On Wednesday night, getting a voice recorded message that the Super Shuttle was going to be arriving at 5:45 am, rather than 6:15 as planned.
  • Waking up at 5 am Thursday morning.
  • The hotel only served Starbucks coffee at meals. I have no issues with most things Starbucks, but their coffee is nasty. It dissolves my stomach. Seriously.
  • Waking up early each day.
  • Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?
  • Saying good-bye to all of the nice people on Saturday night.
  • Leaving my mom at the airport in Detroit.

Now, onto the good!

  • Hearing "Hey, gold fork lady!" on the plane from Dallas to Austin and seeing Cindy Bulik across the aisle from me.
  • Meeting my mom at the Detroit airport.
  • Spending Thursday dinner shootin' the shit with Walt Kaye, and later telling him that he's my homeboy. It earned a chuckle.
  • Seeing Laura (again), Jenni Schaefer (again), Stephanie (again), and some other friends
  • Meeting all of the wonderful people at FEAST, and Jane from Maudsley Parents
  • Authentic Texas BBQ ribs whose meat fell off the freaking bone
  • Learning that Laura has a thing for cowboys ;) and mechanical bulls
  • Having the Kartini Clinic buy me and my mom some coffee (not Starbucks) at a meet n' greet
  • Chatting it up with the wonderful team from UCSD, including Christi, Roxy, and Katie.
  • Giving Aria a hug as soon as I got in the door, and her letting me. For once.
  • Using the laser pointer giveaway to play "laser tag" with my cat when I got home. Hoo boy! I need to video this sometime...

I did not obtain any accent, large belt buckles or hats, however. Maybe next time.

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Laura Collins said...

Had to out me on the cowboys, huh?

Oh, well. Their mamas must have kept them home and out of harm's way that night!

samsi77 said...

Don't forget shopping for treasures or as Amy referred to them "trinkets & trash"!

Palmtreechick said...

You should have gotten some cowboy boots!!

Carrie Arnold said...


You crack me up. I really think you should have gotten some chaps, however.


I had a heck of a time trying to fit all of my loot in my luggage. I can't imagine what you had to do, because I didn't have hair products!


Good idea. Gives me an excuse to go back, however. I'm thinking purple boots...

Carrie Arnold said...

And Laura? Think of all of the other things I didn't out you about... Hee hee. It was fantastic to see you as Laura and not just Laura-the-advocate and Laura-Olympia's-mom.

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