(Brief) Update on Me

I am STILL. Without. Internet. At home.

Verizon has been called. Repeatedly. They have met with my displeasure. The problem, I am told, "is being resolved." I would love to know what that means, and so, I believe, would the very nice lady in Bangalore with whom I spoke for over an hour.


This means that I am trying to juggle posting either by going to the library or posting on my lunch break or staying late/coming in early. It also means that I haven't been following others' blogs as closely, and I do apologize.

The new job is going well. I am busy and tired and flailing a bit, but I'm hanging in there. I like my apartment and the area where I live. My apartment is right by a big library, which I'm enjoying. Fifteen books isn't too ridiculous a number to have checked out at once, is it?

...is it?

Aria and I play "laser tag" with the laser pointer I got at NEDA. She's beginning to connect the little wand with that ornery red dot she can never seem to catch. I literally had her trying to climb the wall. And then I laughed to hard and my thumb slipped off the button and the dot disappeared and kitty got verrrrrrrrry frustrated. She also slept next to me last night, and I fell asleep with my face buried in fur. Quite delightful.

So. I'm going to be posting to the best of my abilities, but we'll see what those abilities turn out to be.

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Rachel said...

Hope you get your internets fixed soon.

Three of my cats love the laser pointer. It's gotten to the point where all I have to do is pick it up and they can hear the chain rattle and come running. I love making the kitten go in circles. Cats are funny, indeed :)

IrishUp said...

kitteh pillows - provide white noise and soft fur. The best!

Juliet said...

Hey Carrie... sucks to be without internet! I don't find 15 books out at once to be ridiculous at all. It's perfectly reasonable.

Once, in 2nd grade, I took 27 books out at once... the school librarians were flabbergasted. I had to walk over a mile to carry them home, too. LOL.

And a sleeping kitty is a very sweet thing! :)

Tiptoe said...

I hear you about internet access. I hate when my satellite goes down which seems to be all bad weather and at all the wrong times. Hopefully, it'll be up soon.

As for the laser, yes, it's actually patented as a cat toy. My one word of caution is to be careful, because it can get obsessive. I've known animals to just hear the word "dot," and go frantically looking. But I don't imagine Aria to get like that. ;-)

samsi77 said...

See how handy that trinket came in (laser pointer) You are certainly finding creative ways to keep yourself and Aria entertained. Glad that you are enjoying the job and what a perk to the apt being so close to the library!

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