What recovery looks like

Recovery is...

  • Visiting a friend for the weekend without bringing a list of what you will and won't eat.
  • Buying a muff-cake (muffin-cupcake) at the store because it looked yummy, eating 3/4 of it, and finishing the rest later. With a cup of milk.
  • Looking at your butt in the mirror and freaking out and thinking ewwwww. And then getting the hell on with your day.
  • Finding recipes to cook and then eat, rather than cook and drool over or cook for someone else.
  • Deciding you would rather snuggle with your cat on the couch than workout. You feel guilty and then? Get the hell on with your day.
  • Drinking copious amounts of coffee WITH breakfast rather than FOR breakfast.
  • Letting yourself take Advil when you need it, rather than waiting for meals/snacks because you need to eat food so the pills don't dissolve your stomach.
  • Evaluating your health in terms of what you can do and how you feel rather than what you weigh or what you eat.
  • Messing up, freaking out, feeling guilty, and getting the hell on with your day.
  • Staying up late and reading, just because.
  • Going to bed early, just because.
  • Never perfect, but better than the eating disorder.

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fighting_forever said...


You've hit the nail on the head with "get the hell on with your day." The bad thoughts still come, but we cope with them and we live our lives despite them.

Anonymous said...

I love this, Carrie!

disordered girl said...

Nicely written. I love the last line especially.


Hope said...

Yes, Carrie!!!
Now that deserves a standing ovation. I, too, love that last line.

I'm so glad that that's what you're looking like more and more each day.

Carolin said...


A:) said...

Thank you Carrie,

I have one to add,

"Eating your own birthday cake and then eating breakfast the next day."

It was hard, but I did it.


C said...

I love this, thank you! I read it on a day when I really needed a reminder that recovery is truly what I want to live. And I've come back to it a couple of times since :-)

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