Smorgasbord: Week in Review

This weeks's smorgasbord is going to be a little lighter than usual (feel free to get a snack, however). I was either at Lobby Day, recovering from Lobby Day, or writing my thesis, and thus didn't get a chance to keep up on my newsfeeds as much as usual. As well, several of the smorgasbord items deserved their own sit-down dinner, if you will, so those will be saved for this coming week.

However, there are still a number of smorgasbord-worthy items.

Variety is the spice of life. Laura Collins alerted me to this gem. Weight restoration and resumption of normal eating habits are essential to recovery from an eating disorder. So, too, is resuming the consumption of a wide variety of foods. Says Collins: So for the recovered anorexics who get enough calories but they are all in lettuce, and the recovered bulimics and binge eaters who live on cereal, we can say: variety is truly the spice of life.

Taking a bite out of eating disorders. This story is initially about the woman who started the website We Bite Back, "the first post-pro-anorexia website." Other than a truly frightening orange graphic (like, the fruit, not just the color), the site itself didn't interest me very much. I've wallowed in my own eating disorder for long enough, so support boards really aren't for me. However, there was a link to a project called the Orange Revolution. The idea is to write out body-positive messages on Post-it notes, and leave them in public places for people to read. I think it's great both for the people who write them and those who find them.

Better yet- write one for yourself and stick it to your mirror.

In fact, you can go do it now. This smorgasbord is over.

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