First Dogs, Now Zoos

The psycho diet craze has moved to zoos.

Time to put that gorilla on a diet.

Sugar free Jell-O for polar bears! Alfalfa biscuits for giraffes!

I totally agree that people shouldn't be throwing food at zoo animals- marshmallows can't be good for them (at least not in copious amounts). But diet food is far more unnatural than, you know, marshmallows.

Will this nonsense ever end?

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KC Elaine said...

Sheesh! You know I've always admired animals because they don't seem to care about what they look like, aside from getting it on. But it seems we want them to be as miserable as we are.

carrie said...

I know- why should people have all the fun?

Now if they made the sugar free Jello into some jello shots, well then that's a different story. :)

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