Doggy Diet Pills

I could NOT make this stuff up, people. Just couldn't.

So not only is there an obesity epidemic among people, there's also one in dogs.

::cue scary music::

What does a good pet parent do when Fido gets fat? Why gives him a diet pill!

Slentrol was approved by the FDA last year for the treatment of "clinically obese" dogs- NOT for those who are just "overweight." Estimates are that 5% of America's 65 million dogs are obese.

Which leads me to this question: how do you measure canine obesity? Is there a DMI- a Doggy Mass Index? Waist* to hip ratios? Are we going to see photos of headless fat doggies lumbering around town stuffing their faces with kibble?

Ah, but Slentrol is there to save the day. They have a "weight slider" to help figure out if your pooch is pudgy. Aside from the fact that the scientific accuracy of this little thingy can't be top-notch, wouldn't it stand to figure that the makers of Slentrol are probably going to have a lot to gain by telling you that your dog has a lot to lose? Happens in people- Rachel at The F Word showed us this in a recent post.

In fact, if they changed "dogs" to "people," I would have a hard time distinguishing this from any other diet website (cough cough Alli cough cough). There is a section with (get this!) success stories. What's next? Barking out diet tips?
Slentrol also sponsors the National Canine Weight Check month, which happens every February. On that website, they have a BARC- Body Assessment Rating for Canines. Oh you're too clever. Somebody please stop me from laughing. You can even download little badges for your blog.

This leads to another question: and we need a pill for this? What happened to taking the little dude for a walk? Letting him play? Play is important to any pet, and not just from a physical activity/weight loss standpoint.

Our whole culture needs to get a serious grip. If I see a dog look in a mirror and ask, "Does this tail make me look fat?" I'll go insane. And then I'll make it happen again, video it, and post it on YouTube, where I will be instantly famous.

*This begs the question: do dogs even have waists? If there are any vets out there who would care to chime in, I'd love to know the answer.
**In the process of writing this post, I search my blog for "oily rectal discharge" when a search for Alli didn't turn up anything, and I googled "fat dog." What my life has come to...


Anonymous said...

You're right, Carrie. Let them eat and let them play! My daughter's puppy was a role model for joyful eating during recovery.

Another ridiculous dog product you might get a kick out of...

Welcome to Neuticles®
Thank you for your interest in patented Neuticles and the revolutionary testicular implant procedure for pets. Inside you will find the latest information and updates.
Over 250,000 caring pet owners Worldwide have selected Neuticles as a safe, practical and inexpensive option when neutering.

Neuticles allows your pet to retain his natural look, self esteem and aids in the trauma associated with neutering.

With Neuticles®-
It's like nothing ever changedsm...

emmy. said...

in reference to what you said about my entry, i feel the exact same way about dbt. and, like yourself, i was raised with the foundation of dbt skills (even though my parents didn't realize that's what they were teaching me) but i was far too extreme to know how to use those tools. i have become such a better person with it though, easily.

i can settle disputes much more rationally, i've been able to keep my anger under control (which i never thought was possible), it's just...genius. everyone should know it.

mary said...

They use animals as guinea pigs just as they use us! Sad stuff. I'll stick with play for my lovable Annie pup. I didn't know how much I needed her in my life but I'm really glad my sister knew she was for me and held on to her till I came to my senses.
Carrie, you are weird in a delightful way....looking up "oily rectal discharge" I can only imagine the crap mail you receive in your junk box! LOL
Hope you are well. I've been way too busy but have been thinking of you.

KC Elaine said...

the world has clearly gone mad. I took my little cat to the vet and asked if she was underweight, and - get this - they said it was okay if she was a little thin, because "the last thing I wanted was an overweight cat!" I'm pretty sure that if she was overweight, however that's measured, it wouldn't be the end of her world or mine! It's sad that this craze is spread to our pets.

Rachel said...

Haha, have you heard of zoo animals on Weight Watchers?

carrie said...

Neuticles...Three days later and I'm still chuckling.

Are breast implants next? You'll need 6 or 8, though.

carrie said...

Even MORE days later, and I'm still chuckling at the Neuticles.

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