Meeting Laura

So Laura beat me to the summary of our day together by a long shot. This is not to say (I hope) that my mom and I enjoyed it any less than Laura.

I got to meet the whole Collins clan: Laura's husband (Samuel), her son (Elijah), and their two (enthusiastic) dogs. And, I even got to see the famous dinner table, around which Laura hosts her internet forum for parents.

I think the table at the Collins' house is quite the metaphor. It's an old wood table, worn but sturdy. It's like a lot of families: not perfect, not necessarily a work of art, but capable of bringing people together. The table at my parents house when I grew up, they got as kind of a cast off, either at an auction or it was dumped by the side of the road*. My dad painted it yellow to hide all of the dings and scratches. The chairs were all slightly different heights. Not a perfect table, and certainly not a perfect family.

But that's the beauty of it, and the beauty of the Maudsley Approach, which gave me my life back.

Thank you, Laura and family, for helping with that. And your bread is fantastic!

*This should answer the question of where I got my Salvation-Army-chic decorating sense.


Dreaming again said...

Oh! I love this!

I have the table of my childhood. It, is beautiful. It is round, solid maple. Antique and a treasure. My parents bought it right after they were married ( my mother and my step father, I was 13 months old).

It is the table that I sat around all of my growing up years ...

I treasure this table, tremendously ... I made a promise to my body yesterday ...and have been trying to figure out all day today I'm going to follow through with that ...

thanks for the answer. Sitting, at my very very treasured table ...

Ok, I'm crying now.

Sitting at my treasured table, where my step dad would sit with me is where I will follow through with my promise to my body to nourish it.

Thanks Carrie.
(the promise to my body is on my blog)

carrie said...

Okay, so I feel a little dumb right now, but I was reading a different blog of yours. I totally switched around the titles in my head!

I love the pledge you wrote- it's lovely.

Laura Collins said...

Dreaming, I will think of you at this table, and your table, and your powerful pledge.

It is an honor to share "my" table.

Hope said...

I love the post...the metaphor of the dining table is so true. So glad we got to meet Laura and family and the famous table.

The Maudsley Approach gave your life back to you and you back to our family. For that, I'll be ever so grateful.

Dreaming, Your pledge is so very moving. Stay strong.

Hugs, hope (Mom)

A:) said...


You were helped by the Maudsley Approach? I thought you had recovered on your own?

I thought you had more traditional treatment (as per your books? :P)

Just curious!


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