Friday Night at the Movies

My post for today is going to be succinct.

My mom and I went to the movies (my first time in over a year) to see the Oscar-nominated film "Juno".

Go see it. Now. The sooner the better. It's funny and sweet and quite sardonic and sassy.

Just go. Turn off your computer and get your butt to the movies.

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Libby said...

I saw it last week and LOVED IT! So adorable! And I definitely want the soundtrack. :)

Libby in DC

Dreaming again said...

I've heard this ...

Dreaming again said...

waiting to hear about lunch.

By the way you have access to my private blog? (Bridge to Safety)?

It's my journey on this recovery path.

if you're interested, shoot me an email at

jana said...

Juno is a WONDERFUL movie. This is coming from a girl that really doesn't like movies usually. I usually get bored and just get anxious for it to end. Juno sucked me in right away and I didn't know what she'd end up doing so it kept my attention the whole time. The acting was great and come on, how cute is Ellen Page?

carrie said...


I agree with you about the soundtrack. I downloaded from iTunes. Email me (it's in my profile description) and maybe we can work out a swap of some sort. :)


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