I actually felt productive today- I got a lot done. Not as much as I might like, but I'm trying to be realistic.

As a consequence, my brain is fried. Burnt. To a freaking crisp.

I still have a little more to do tonight, but it's mainly mindless stuff. Addressing letters, cleaning up the mess I made while baking Christmas cookies tonight, etc. I dipped those big pretzel rods in melted chocolate and covered them with sprinkles. My friend is having a s'mores party tomorrow night, and I'm going to bring those and my vintage game of Clue.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes. Though I still have a fair amount left to do before the semester is officially over, I suppose I am done with the worst of it.

Oh, and my ceiling decided to leak today. A pipe leaked on the roof directly over my apartment, and from there into my apartment. It wasn't that bad, and the leak is fixed now.

I'm tired. Bedtime for me.

(The second part of the "Enough Already" post will be later today.)

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Sarah said...

I hope you got some lovely sleep!


Danyel said...

I just wanted to pop by and say, Hello there!

mary said...

Last time I played CLUE I was the killer! Imagine that, me, Mr. Green, a killer. I didn't even suspect it was me till near the end and even then couldn't remember which room I did it in....or I'd have won.

Hope you have some fun tonight. Those chocolate covered pretzels are hot sellers in the country store I'm in.
Nice to hear that you're making messes and stopping for a break.
Hope you are still eating well too. I know it's hard but it's one of the essential things in life. Just do it!

carrie said...

I got to be Mrs. White. And it's funny: Mr. Green was the killer in our game, too. The game was quite fun, but it's quite different playing as a "grown up".

Everyone loved those pretzels- and they tasted good too.

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