Happy Blogiversary

I've been blogging for one year now- 273 posts.

It's been quite a year.

A year ago, I had just started my application to the writing program.

I had just begun to gain some much needed weight.

I was living at home.

The only people I called on the phone were my parents (if I was out), my therapist, and my dietitian.

In this past year, I've moved to a totally different city, maintained a healthy weight for 7 months, raised $130 for NEDA through the Gold Fork Project, not spent any time in the hospital, and am just about to leave for a 3 week trip to New Zealand.

The symbolism of the fact that I'm leaving on my one year refeeding anniversary as well isn't lost on me.

Here's to another great year.

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A :) said...

Thats fantastic Carrie,

I've been weight restored for about 3 weeks and I can say it is terrifying to adjust to this new body I haven't seen in 4 years.

How did you keep at it without slipping?

A :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all you have accomplished in the last year. Here's to 2008!

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