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I have finally decided on my thesis topic for my master's program: the effects of human environmental change (aka "athropogenic" environmental change) on mosquito borne diseases. I am going to be exploring such issues as globalization, climate change, and deforestation/reforestation through four different diseases: malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and an emerging virus: chikungunya.

It's fun to say, especially after a couple of glasses of wine. Researchers, however, refer to is as "chik." So I'm a Chik Chick.

I know. If it's too funny (and I know it is!), I will pause briefly while you compose yourself.

I've been working with Discover Magazine to do a short piece about new information on mutations in Chik that enable it to be transmitted much more easily. At any rate, the virus has been in the news after traveling to Italy.

And here, in a brief encapsulation of my thesis topic, is a story in today's New York Times:

As Earth Warms, Tropical Virus Travels to Italy

I will be campaigning in January for travel money. I don't expect a dime (money is, after all, short, and I don't think the reasoning of good food makes a good thesis will hold much water with the Graduate Student Organization), but it might be worth the effort.

Wish me luck!

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Lala said...

Good luck! When I was in Tamil Nadu there was an outbreak of Chikungunya, seems pretty nasty.

Sarah said...

What a great topic!!

I will email you, I may be able to hook you up with a few scientists.

Merry Christmas Carrie!!


CookieGirl said...

hey you. great topic - people at my school are VERY into malaria research! I feel like the only one more seriously interested in developed as opposed to developing country healthcare. Have to finalize my thesis topic in the next two weeks, and I still have so many ideas!!! I think it is going to focus on the future of the doctor-patient relationship, but I'm not sure. aaaa

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