Another great article by Gina Kolata that shows (again) that the calorie counting math doesn't always add up:

Putting Very Little Weight in Calorie Counting Methods

It ran in today's Health section in the New York Times.

Well worth the read. Once again, we learn that losing weight isn't quite the same as calories in minus calories out doesn't always equal weight loss.


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A :) said...

True true true,

Calorie counts are not always correct -- when I first had an assessment with a dietican for the day program I did, she told me my maintenance level of calories I would need to eat.

However, my calorie needs were actually MUCH higher than predicted by my BMR/AMR and I definately needed more than the team thought I did. It took me a LONG time to gain the weight I needed

I won't use exercise machines like that -- too triggering.

A :)

carrie said...


It was the same with me. Even now, my maintenance diet is still pretty high.

I will use exercise machines, but I feed in false data (different age, different weight) so that I don't get hung up on the numbers. It works. ::shrugs::

jana said...

That's a very interesting article. Thank you for posting it!

hungry waif said...

I read the article before you posted (i am a dork like that, i read the times everyday). I Never had eating issues per se, but i am one to go through bouts of compulsive exercise and those numbers on machines would drive me nuts! now i just put a towel over it. My former gym gave me a free pedometer when i joined and i was like, "Damn you, more numbers to get hung up on AND its not even in the gym!"

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