It really IS rocket science!

One of my brother's friends is an astrophysicist at MIT (how they got along is beyond me), and there was always the joke of "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to..." followed by: "No, wait, it does!"

Usually the subjects mentioned were things like changing a lightbulb, filling a gas tank, walking the dog, making microwave popcorn, etc.

My assignment for class this week is to write an article about an area of science I don't know much about.


Several problems: I enjoy science thoroughly, so there aren't that many areas that I neither don't know much about and also give a rip about learning more.

Silly me chooses nuclear physics. And, because it looks at the formation of elements after the Big Bang and in supernovae, I also have to learn astrophysics.

Did I mention that I cried during my physics exam in college? I was so exhausted and so frustrated when I knew knew the answer but I just couldn't think of it that I kind of cracked up. Just a bit.

I'm kicking myself for picking this topic. Though it's interesting, it's taking for-freaking-ever to wrap my little pea-sized brain around things like "How do you determine how many neutrons can be in a nucleus?" In the one interview I was able to score thus far, my most frequent question was "Could you repeat that?"

It's a challenge, and I think I would enjoy it if I had more time. But I don't. So I will have to make do with what I have.

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mary said...

Well, smarty pants, : )
You are fortunate that you have so little to choose from! I'd be wide open to just about everything science has to offer in what I don't know. I'm in awe of everything. Say electricity ...simple..not for me...I can rewire a lamp but do not ask me to figure out how someone invented this without burning down everything. : O I am in awe yet glad that we do not all think alike. I admire anyone who was willing to search for answers that we might live more comfortably.

Hope you're able to get through this one without "cracking"! I think you'll be fine!; )
Wish you selected something I could pronounce...just kidding.
sign the dark /*****

Sarah said...

I know you'll do great!


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