A Cat Eat Bird World

Considering that I live in a high-rise apartment building in the middle of the city, it should be no surprise that there are pigeons. Lots of them.

My cat loves pigeons. Well, okay, she really likes birds in general, and I'm not sure her little pea-sized brain knows the difference between pigeons and robins and cardinals oh my! I think her brain gets stuck on either the feathers or the flying. So when a pigeon (a nasty, big black one that looked part vulture) landed right outside my window, Aria decided that she wanted in on the fun, too.

It was a hoot. She was grooming her, um, nether regions and stood completely still when she saw the bird. Imagine a cat doing yoga. Imagine that cat sitting stock still in the middle of a pose. That's what she looked like.

She gave me this all-the-other-moms-let-their-cats-play-with-pigeons look and I just shrugged. I wanted to say all the other cats are smart enough not to leap off the roof, too, but I'm not sure about you, sweet pea.

I found this picture on Cute Overload that proves maybe, just maybe, pigeons aren't as evil as I think they are:

Lastly, I had to torture the poor dear with her favorite tinsel ball. She's not real into play- she thinks it beneath her somehow. But there's this one little ball she just adores. It's a big orange pom-pom with strands of tinsel sticking out of it. Well we were throwing the ball around and she wound up under my coffee table, which has a glass top. Me, being the conniving little brat that I am, decides to put the ball on top of the glass.

Woah boy. That blew her little furry brain right out of the water. She was boinking her head against the glass, swatting at it, getting frustrated as all hell because she could see the ball but she couldn't touch it. I eventually gave her the ball because I thought she was going to break the damn table.

She's now hiding. Under the bed, I think, but maybe in the laundry basket.

I did go to the festival yesterday, and it was so much fun. I saw a stupid t-shirt with a picture of a spork on it, and I had to buy it for myself in case I ever did have to give myself a plastic spork lobotomy. Then I'd have something to wear. I also bought two ridiculously expensive bars of really good chocolate at $3 a pop. But they were dark chocolate, and one had candied orange peel in it, and the other had crystallized ginger. Plus, it was in a chocolate and shoe store (can we say "I think this is owned by a chick?") so the novelty won out. I went with a classmate and his girlfriend who was visiting for the weekend. The weather was beautiful and I had a blast.

I am completely exhausted. I need more coffee. And more sleep. Both would be nice, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. I think I'm going to start with the coffee because it's freezing in my apartment.

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Sarah said...

Chocolate and shoe store?!?! Heaven.

Boycat and girlcat love to watch birds too. I put a feeder on my deck so they'd have something to look at during the day and I think I enjoy it as much as they do. I've learned a lot about birds and I've gotten some very beautiful visitors.


lauren said...

I so want a store like that by me!!!!!!!!!
I love the kitty/ball story I can totally picture that happening.
Love to you today!

Jeanne said...

My kind of store, too!

I haven't seen a spork since KFC! lol


thinking of you,

Kirsten said...

Years ago I received a small gift book titled "Cat Yoga" with very cute (and also accurate) illustrations of basic poses. It helped me understand the benefits of yoga (usually meaning I would flip through it while sitting on the couch eating Chunky Monkey ice cream, lol.)

And a chocolate and shoe store? I am so there.

mary said...

I've seen that pose! It's ridiculous but always makes me smile. Makes me smile just thinking about it!
So...you enjoy teasing Arial? How does that make you feel Carrie? : )
Hope you didn't od on the chocolate.....it must be savored.
I had an incident last night and burnt a couple finger tips.[I'm ok and still typing] Someone brought me home york peppermint patties, a very special treat for me, mmmmmm.

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