And on a lighter note...

I found a sweet, adorable vid that shows the Smooshy Faced cat as a little kitty!

If only she knew then that she would be dealing out awards soon.

All in good time, my friend. All in good time.

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Unknown said...

How adorable!!! 8-)

mary said...

So that's what smooshy faced cat looked like at one time! Do you know her name?
She's adorable!

Carrie Arnold said...

I have no idea who this kitty is. I just found the video on Cute Overload and after oooohing and ahhhhing for about an hour, I decided I had to post it.

Faith said...

I'm not particularly fond of cats but that is just SO damn cute!!!

Sarah said...

oh, that is so cute.

my girlcat loves those foam balls.

thanks for posting this, I needed it today!

aufderheide said...



Animals are so good for the soul.

lauren said...

Hi there sweetie!
THank you for your sweet messages, you are so in my thoughts today!!!
xoxoxoxoxo Lauren

Carrie Arnold said...


You don't like cats? I don't know if we can be friends anymore... ;)


Those are the only balls my kitty plays with, too. Well, she likes the foam ones with mylar "fur" by 9 Lives, too. In the cat food aisle, FYI.


I melt alot too. I wish my cat could do cute things where I could tape her. I usually turn to get my camera and then BOOM! All done!


Glad to here you're back to the blog!

Carrie Arnold said...

Der. Laruen. No "t". I knew that. My fingers, however, did not.

Carrie Arnold said...

Great. Now I misspelled "Lauren".


Anonymous said...

Awwww, too cute!

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