Refeeding Dialogue

Now that I've been eating regularly and providing my body with adequate nutrition for a several-day span (the joys...), I've been having an interesting dialogue within myself. There's the usual:

Ed: You're such a pig.
Carrie: Bite me. I need to eat in order to get better.
Ed: You're such a pig.
Carrie: When did I ask you?

There's also the ever-interesting conversation between my brain and my stomach that is going something like this:

Carrie's brain: anyone down there?
Carrie's stomach: Um, yeah. 'Bout time you checked in on me.
CB: Can I send any aid your way?
CS: How about some aid in the form of a visit from Ben and Jerry.
CB: Hey, Mom's buying. Why not?
CS: All right, B&J. C'mon down!
(15 minutes later)
CS: I'm still hungry!!!
CB: You need MORE?
CS: Hey, you only neglected me for 8 years. And, as they say, payback's a bitch.

That's been my reality for the past day or two. Loads of fun. I feel positively menopausal- hot flashes and all. I need to keep this in mind the next time I decide that anorexia is fun. Maybe it is, but then I have to go through this crap again (and again and again). I'm hungry and full at the SAME TIME. That's a mind warp if ever there was one.

Onward and upwards.
(I'll save the weight loss resolution rant for tomorrow. Stay tuned.)

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samsi77 said...

I look forward to the day that your dialogue includes a comment from carries stomach along the lines of: Ben and Jerry's yum yum, Thank you!

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