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On Friday, I got asked to participate in a live Internet TV segment on "Invisible Eating Disorders" with the Huffington Post. It was during the day, and I'm guessing not many people got to watch, so I'm sharing it here so you can watch at your leisure.

I was super nervous--I hope it didn't show!


{{Sorry- I can't figure out how to directly embed the video segment into the blog post. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!}}

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Jules said...

Well done, Carrie. I'm formulating my own opinions on somethings that were said by others. I'm SO glad you clarified the "in-between ED" does meet diagnostic criteria for EDNOS, I was really frustrated when that post came out and felt it needed to be addressed. I'm so glad they asked you to join in the live conversation. Eloquent as always. You're an amazing voice on the issue.

Kristina said...

You did awesome! I wish they would've talked to you more. I don't know how I feel about the article and the episode, but your insight is always welcome.

Ingrid said...

Hi Carrie,

A friend of mine told me about your blog and I've been reading through your posts every day. I am beginning my journey out of the horrible darkness of anorexia, and am so thankful to have found your blog... You are very inspiring to me. Your honesty and depth is comforting and reassuring to me. I am not alone, and recovering from this horrible illness is possible. Thank you for writing, and for providing me with some light and hope.

Charli said...

That was great!
I'm currently trying to recover from an eating disorder myself and have tried to start blogging about it. Hopefully you can take a look and maybe give me some advice on what to do?


hm said...

Finally got some time to watch this. Good stuff- so much more to say, right? Glad to hear you mention the myth that ed's are solely teen diseases. Shocking how you were spoken to on the matter (regarding the memory you mentioned).

Anonymous said...

it's been so long since you posted, (where's my Carrie fix?! jk)
Miss you and your insight, hope you're v v well and busy

Laura said...

Hey! This isn't about your post, but I'm reading your book right now (in bed, with my cat...) and I just burst out laughing at this line: "Discharged from treatment with plenty of insight but no real clue how to eat." SO, SO TRUE!!! I laugh only b/c I so relate. SO TRUE. I discharged from a 7 month residential stint and DID have a clue how to eat but it's only because the whole time I was there, I demanded that the chef talk to me, one on one, in depth about how to prepare all of these meals so that I could preapre them for myself when I left. Had I not had that relationship with the chef (which was self-initiated, not part of the program), I would have had no clue how to eat either...

Miranda said...

Completely fascinating. Really enjoying the discussion (watching it now!)

A Place of Hope for Eating Disorders said...

You made me a subscriber, great post!

Eilish Brazell said...

Very good! I had that problem because I was diagnosed EDNOS, because I wasn't clinically underweight. My little "goal" was to be diagnosed anorexic, so I would actually have a legit ED. I love your blog!

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