Older men/women with EDs needed

I'm looking to do a story on older (50+) men and women with eating disorders. You can be currently struggling or in recovery. You could have struggled since you were younger, you could have had a relapse, or you could have developed an ED for the first time. What's necessary is that you were suffering while you were over 50. This is for a US-based and distributed magazine, so Americans only, sorry.

If you fit the profile, know someone who does, or works with this population, please drop me an email at carrie@edbites.com I can't promise I'll interview you if you write (I'm doing background research at this point), but I appreciate all of your feedback.


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Unknown said...

There are several women with whom I correspond OFF of my blog who fit this description. I have emailed them all, directing them to this blog post. Hoping that your story is a success! :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Carrie! For once I can say I am too young! (And hopefully pretty much recovered!).

Carrie Arnold said...

Thanks, Yoga! Much appreciated.

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Ha ha...I'm about three years too young for this one! Good luck, and if I can think of anyone who meets this criteria, I will forward your information to them.

Carrie Arnold said...

Aw shucks, the two of you are still spring chickens... ;)

HikerRD said...

I currently have a number of individuals that fit this description. If you'd like, email me a flier and I'll post it in my office for patients to respond to: eatwrite (at) comcast(dot)net.

PS:So sad the 50+ is referred to as "older"!

Carrie Arnold said...

Thanks...right now I've sent the idea and gotten a "maybe," which is actually really, really good. I will keep ya'll posted!

Anonymous said...

Shoot, Carrie.. I'd be interested, myself, but I'm 43... Keep us posted!

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