Not just about the weight

While I was out of town, I did an interview for Eating Disorders Awareness Week for {Communicating over the Intarwebz is such a cool thing!}

It was posted yesterday afternoon and, because of a severe migraine, I'm only getting around to posting it now. I hope you all like it.

Carrie Arnold: ‘Why My Struggle With Anorexia Wasn’t Just About The Weight’

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HikerRD said...

Great interview, and I'm so glad you responded as you did to the question of lowest weight. There is a need to sensationalize the extremes in their presentation which only makes it worse for those needing to seek help for recovery--they don't think they are thin enough, sick enough, engaging in behaviors enough--compared to the "extreme" anorexic portrayed in the media.

Alie said...

Such a great interview! I also was so glad to see your response to the lowest weight question. My friends will sometimes ask me about that, and there's no good response that has to do with numbers. I really liked the way your responded and I felt like it drove home the point that it's not just "about" the weight, and how that can be incredibly detrimental to the whole conversation of eating disorders. I think I will take a cue from that the next time someone brings that up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great interview Carrie; I do like it - much :)

Numbers are really rather unimportant and do not correlate with mental suffering. Like you, I have always lived with anxiety, and at times I have bouts of disabling depression.

I was only telling a friend the other day that the mental torture that accompanies anorexia nervosa is often greatest during the process of weight recovery - because of the need to cope with huge changes in the structure/routines of our lives, changes in body shape, expectations to be 'normal'/OK - because we look healthier when we gain weight, yet feel terribly anxious...

Glad you had a nice holiday - and I hope the migraine has lifted.


Agrace12 said...

You did a great job! Thanks for sharing this!

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