Illustrated Guide to Depression

Yeah, I know. An illustrated guide to depression? Comic strips don't generally cover things like, you know, depression.

But Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half did.  It's probably the most accurate representation of what it's actually like to be so depressed you can't quite get out of bed.

Apparently, you don't need an advanced psychology degree to help people understand mental illness. All you need is a computer doodle program.

{{If you don't read her blog, you should. It's pretty much epic.}}

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M said...


Reminded me a little of this anthology that I recently acquired copies of:

Really helpful in letting others understand what is going on in our heads.

Chantell said...

Wow, I checked out the comic strip and was very impressed! So clever :o) Quite an accurate description of what depression does to a person's soul too...Thankyou for recommending it! :o)

JJ said...

Allie is *amazing*. Thanks for sharing this Carrie!
My personal favorite HaaH post:

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! *posts on FB*

HikerRD said...

It lifts my spirits just seeing this illustration! If only it were that easy for those dealing with depression.

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