Aria and the Skinny Box

One of the joys of being mom to a cat are the laughs that she brings into my everyday life. It's also caused me to reevaluate objects and their purpose. Now, the universe contains two different types of things: Cat Toys and Not Cat Toys.

I ordered a copy of the book Eating Disorders and the Brain, which came in a lovely cardboard box that was perfect for a kitty. {{Aria will be sending Bryan Lask a thank you card shortly.}}

Or so it seemed.

I had tossed some papers and such into the box to bring upstairs, which made the box a bit too small for Aria.  No matter how hard she tried, or which way she attempted to wedge herself in the box, she just couldn't fit. And she gave me this exasperated look...

So of course my response was to grab my phone and get some documentaion.  My mom also found the photos hysterical, and so I began to invent a dialogue of what was obviously going on in the poor dear's head:

I totally fit in this size box last year. I know I did. Damn vanity sizing. A size four box isn't a size four anymore. Maybe if I just suck in my gut...a little more...and inhale...and...wait, don't I have some Spanx? I don't look like I did before I had kittens. Maybe I need a tummy tuck.

But then, didn't I see in Good Mousekeeping a way to lose 10 pounds in 10 days? You know, so you could fit in your skinny box by Christmas? Simple swaps, the article said. Like put your tuna in a smaller bowl so it looks like you have more. Switch to low fat cheddar, and always always order your gravy on the side. The stuff is loaded with calories, I hear. And the size of the mice they serve these days...they're like twice the size of the ones I caught when I was a little girl. Factory farming and hormones...

Maybe if I get the box in another style or another brand. last

Does this box make my butt look fat?

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Stephanie said...

OR could the ever so wise Aria be saying "Damm there is clearly something wrong with this box because I know that I am just PERRRRRfect the way that I am!"

Katie said...

Bahaha, Aria is adorable :) it's very common my family's dalmatians to "talk", because they are so expressive that we can't help but fill in the gaps!

Anonymous said...

That is one disgruntled kitty! I have two kittens at the moment that are growing fast and constantly outgrowing all the spaces they used to be able to fit - but this doesn't stop them from trying! Truly adorable.

PJ said...

Brilliant Carrie - that is just priceless. Poor Aria :(

Cathy (UK) said...

I love how cats have such poor spatial awareness :D My cats would probably try to climb into a matchbox! She looks very cute in her box.. Such a cute kitty :)

Anonymous said...

Aria is so adorable! This is a good message though, I always used to think that way. Even if it actually was too big, I thought I looked fat.

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

How adorable!!! My kitty, Aliena, manages to squeeze herself into some pretty small spaces.

Aria is just so very adorable! Cats are the best!

Emily said...

Oh, what a sweet and yet totally relatable story! Your kitty is so adorable!

Eating With Others said...

Nope she's a cat. She is saying why didn't you get me a bigger box? Go and get me a bigger box, but this one is mine too!

C-Girl said...

my cat does the SAME thing and she is HUGE! I love it!

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