Time-lapse recovery

I wish I had one of these videos for my recovery:

You know, being able to speed up time and watch things unfold, rather than just waiting around for infinitesimal changes that no one notices, not even yourself?  Changes are easier to see when you're watching someone's recovery, especially from farther away and with lots of time in between measurements. But living recovery--watching it up close and personal, day in and day out--means that it rarely feels like things are changing, even if they are.  Hence the desire for the time-lapse video.

I guess the good thing is that an oak tree doesn't have the awareness to navel gaze and wonder why the hell it takes so long to get from an acorn to a giant of the forest (or a suburban front lawn).

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Cathy (UK) said...

I love time-lapse videos of plants growing :) I am sorry it is taking you so long to feel better...

Jess said...

Love the Video! I know exactly how you feel! I always think everyone is doing so much better than I am in recovery and I'm just standing still. On a brighter note, I tell myself to look back at all the progress I've made and that helps see the bigger picture. Hang in there!

Jessie said...

Ah, good old time-lapse. Don't you wish it was real?
I'm actually very surprised today, I thought my doctors would have me hospitalized again, I'm refusing to eat and purging again, but I guess, like you say, they must have noticed some change that I haven't. You have a knack for being able to look at things from a different perspective. Keep trudging towards recovery!

drstrangelove said...

Sometimes I feel like looking from the end backwards really helps. I see the goal and where I want to be, and some how that helps me get there. Granted, this doesn't help always, but I try. I swear, I really try. Thoughts are always with you Carrie. Let's do this.

Astra said...

carrie - I love that video and I can so relate to wanting to put the recovery process on fast forward. I am myself trying to eat my way through a meal plan, to accept the weight on my body.

I am wondering what helps on the way.
Or whether we just have to accept the resentment towards our own body, in spite all we do only will add to make life better. I find so many of us, suffering, trying to recover, having great perspectives about ourselves, the desease, understanding the issues beneath, wanting to get better. But still, being trapped for years. Why is it so hard? Why can we not act the words we speak?


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