Sunday Smörgåsbord

It's once again time for your weekly Sunday Smorgasbord, where I trawl the web for the latest in ED-related news, research, and more, so you don't have to.

Nick from Men Get Eating Disorders, Too writes on body dysmorphia.

Fluctuations of Body Images in Anorexia Nervosa: Patients' Perception of Contextual Triggers.

Do You Fall Into the Trap of Overthinking? I know I do!

The common co-occurrance of generalized anxiety disorder and anorexia nervosa may be explained by shared genetic risks.

Weighted Words: What A Perfect Food World Looks Like.

A study from the journal Molecular Psychiatry raises the hypothesis that anorexia is a metabolic disorder rather than a psychological one.
See the stories by:
Live Science and

Healthy balance of bacteria in the flora could prevent obesity, suggests study.

Fantasizing about food seems to help dieters eat less. Puts a new spin on the food obsessions common in eating disorders.

Reduced automatic motivational orientation towards food in restricting anorexia nervosa.

Eating Disorder Recovery: Inner Critics & Relapse.

Advice on recovery for mothers with eating disorders by my dear friend June Alexander.

The role of negative urgency and expectancies in problem drinking and disordered eating: Testing a model of comorbidity in pathological and at-risk samples.

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PJ said...
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PJ said...

This advice posted by June Alexander for mothers with ED is excellent - thank you for including it :)

Carrie Arnold said...

I feel terrible, PJ, as I meant to thank you for sharing the link but I was doing it fairly late and I forgot. Can you consider this your mention? :)

hm said...

I felt overwhelmed by the suggestions for mothers- maybe I am just not there yet. The idea of putting my husband in charge of checking off a list makes me want to throw up, and it feels like it would ruin our relationship as equals. I have never "wished" that I was hospitalized and could have someone feed me- blech- the lack of control of that feels panic-inducing. I am failing at eating w/my kids and am constantly beating myself up for the damage that might do, but keeping up with my own food requirements is so exhausting that I can't do it "right," I just have to DO it- if I have to feed them separately, then hide away to stuff my own face b/c it's too emotional to do in front of them, does that really matter SO much? Will they never recover from that? Tired, frustrated, and the perfectionist in me is comparing myself to all of these suggestions and seeing "FAILURE" printed across my forehead.

hm said...

Holy shit- did you see this part in Eating Disorder Recovery: Inner Critics & Relapse????

"Coyle’s studies show that mistake–making is a mandatory part of the skill–acquisition process. The study of and learning from mistakes, often over and over again, is how those new brain pathways develop to replace the old automatic circuitry of your eating disorder.

“The struggle,” Coyle says, “is not optional—it’s neurologically required…you must make mistakes and pay attention to those mistakes; you must teach your circuit” (Siegel, p. 221-2).

Imagine embracing mistake–making as necessary!"

For those of us who are terrified of failure like you mentioned in your recent post... what a cool way to see it. Mistakes are part of the rewiring of the neural pathways. Kind of like how a baby doesn't just get up and start walking, it gets up and falls about a million times as it teaches itself to walk. It's just gotta be done like that.

PJ said...

No, no, Carrie - I was just the middle man!! All thanks to June for such a great and helpful post :)

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