Happy Mother's Day

To all of my moms, real and virtual.  And to my readers, whether or not they have actual children, for all of you are helping me learn how to parent myself (which is a lot of the point of being a mother, no?):

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Cathy (UK) said...

I'm 'mother' to two cats, which suits me nicely, and I have an awesome mother :)

We had Mother's Day (or, strictly Mothering Sunday) on 3 April in the UK. I hope you had a good one Carrie :)

HikerRD said...

This is great! Love it. Thanks.

wendy said...

Thanks Carrie!! I was thinking of you on Mother's Day as you have helped me immeasurably to help my young adult D recover.

Knowing that it's learning how to parent yourself, is a great lesson.

We spent the day at museums and the zoo watching the animals Moms take care of their babies, and watch them as they wandered astray.

It felt very similar to watching my D learn how to care for and feed herself without listening to all her ED thoughts.

Thanks so much for all you've done to help me help my D.

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