I love Missy Higgins.  She's my new favorite singer/songwriter.  One of my favorite of her songs is called Nightminds, and it reminds me so much of this blog and the people who visit.

So as a lazy Sunday morning post, I'm sharing it with you.  I hope you like it.

Maybe one day if I actually sit myself down and learn the sheet music, I'll post a video of me doing a cover of it. Or not. Whatever. ;)

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Emily said...

I do love Missy Higgins and her unique voice. I think "The Special Two" is my favorite song of hers. I first heard it when I met my husband, so it is very special to me.


Samantha S said...

I love Missy Higgins... Nightminds was the first song of hers I "found." I really love "Scar" and "Where I Stood."

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of her before, she is great. Love the song, thank you for sharing it

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that song was beautiful! Buying her songs now. Thank you, Carrie!

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