"...basic concepts like moving"

Well, I'm moved.  No other blog post can capture the insanity and hilarity of moving with animals better than this one from my new favorite blog Hyperbole and a Half:

Dogs don't understand basic concepts like moving

I can tell you from personal experience that cats don't either.

My brain has stopped working, so instead, I took a cue from Hyperbole and instead drew some pictures of Aria (keep in mind I nearly flunked art class in elementary school).

Here is Aria's beautiful face, meowing her sweet little head off:

And here's the view I've been getting since her favorite napping spot disappeared:

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

pictures. love.

and heck. i'm a human and don't understand basic concepts like moving.

Emily said...

Moving is definitely challenging, both mentally and physically. Congratulations on getting through it! Enjoy your new place!


Cathy (UK) said...

Happy you've done it :)

The main thing about kitties is that they like their environment to be constant and unchanging - and they thrive on ritual. I think I was a cat in my former life.

Katie said...

Aw, poor Aria! Our dogs weren't keen on moving either. The three puppies didn't care all that much, but we had an eight year old Border collie too, and he pretty much quit eating for the first month. Border collies are also known for their obsessive traits, so I think they are probably with cats in not liking change very much. He lived for another seven years after that though, so he was okay in the end :)

Anonymous said...

That pursed rear end is so eloquent!

Tiptoe said...

Glad you are moved in. I love that Hyperbole and a Half post. It is so true. Animals, like people, can have such a hard time with change. I was lucky in that mine did fairly well.

Hopefully, Aria will become more relaxed soon and find a new favorite napping place.

Hope you enjoy your new place!

HikerRD said...

Art therapy at its best!
Impressive drawings for capturing the moment!
Good luck in your new physical space.

Ashley @ 365 things said...

Haa! Too funny! Guess that tells you what your kitty thinks of the whole situation...

Congrats on getting all moved in. We are thinking about picking up and moving out of STATE. It would need to be by end of summer. Can we say stressful?

North of Normal said...

Wow - that's the best paint rendition of a cats @rs3h0le, that I've ever seen.

(Not, I hasten to add, that I've seen that many!)

hm said...

Animals are so therapeutic. Sometimes they sense our distress and they tend to us. Other times they provide us with a comical reflection of our inner struggles (fear of change). Glad you have Aria to make you smile!

Angela Elain Gambrel said...

Aria will soon learn to love her new environment, and if you move in a few years, she will get mad all over again. (I see that second view from Aliena whenever I take away a "toy" that could harm her!)

Congratulations on your own place!!!

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