Ironic Updates

I loves me some irony, and I have two updates that prove it.

Update #1: I was at Target yesterday, buying some lamps for my new place (the office doesn't have any overhead lighting, and so I need to seriously bulk up in the lighting department).  I painted my office a light plum, and I found a lamp to match the decor that I could sit on the piano. I also bought a cute purse on clearance for $6.  So I went through the checkout line, signed my receipt, and gathered my bags.  As the cashier handed me my copy of the receipt, she said, "Oh, you got an extra coupon!  For $2 off!  A...scale!"

I took it mostly because I found it funny, although I didn't explain to the poor lady exactly why I found this so hysterical.

Update #2: Another moving-esque update.  I'm packing up my books tonight, and I'm trying to figure out where to have the movers put them in my new place.  I'm still not entirely sure exactly where I want to put every last bookshelf (I have 4 folding ones and one really big one that my dad built me), so I was thinking and thinking about where to put the books.  I didn't want to drag them up or down the stairs too much, but space upstairs is going to be at a premium since there's already plenty of crap going up there.

I called my mom in and we discussed it.  Eventually, we both realized the best solution was to put the books in the dining room.  I have my table, but there's space against one or both of the walls to stash some boxes.  The books are definitely a Carrie Priority, but I also realize that there are lots of other practical things that need to be sorted first.

So my books will be temporarily housed in the dining room.

That's my update for now.  I'm exhausted!

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Amber Rochelle said...

I never comment but your scale story reminded me of one of my scale irony stories. I'd been fighting giving up my scale for a while but finally brought it into my dietitian. The next day I freaked and bought a new one, but had a moment of rational thinking and returned it. The day after, I arrived home from work to discover that my roomates had decided it would be a wonderful idea to purchase a scale...and place it in the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen and saw that thing staring back at me I burst into laughter. They had no idea what was going on and thought I was nuts. If they only knew!

Kelly said...

Even when I was in the middle of treatment, my mom still didn't understand why it would possibly be a problem if she kept a scale around... "you could just not use it, right?" Ack!

hm said...

Ugh- Throw the damn coupon away.

When we moved, I meticulously bubble wrapped and packed all my china and depression glass dishes into boxes, which we then stored in my in-laws' spare room till we moved into our new place. One day I heard giggling from behind the door- and opened it to discover my 2 children playing a game where they jumped around the room from box top to box top. *gasp*

My bubble wrapping skills must be incredible- not one thing broke!

Katie said...

Haha oh dear! I always giggle at inappropriate coupons too. I hope you tore it into tiny pieces or set fire to it or something ;)

Books are very important. I'm glad yours have a refuge until they can be properly rehomed!

Angela said...

This post made me laugh because I have never had a scale, but once I went into Target and used one of theirs to weigh myself!

Ally said...

Ha! At least you aren't using the pantry cupboard to store the books!

Jen said...

Carrie, my office is actually in our formal dining room area. Although I don't have stairs to climb here, this room has sliding glass doors looking out on our backyard and was specifically designed to house both our dining room table (my workspace) as well as a full wall of desk unit, closed storage for the junk I don't want to put away or need to put away in a hurry, and lots of shelving.

I laughed out loud about the scale! Not because it's funny but because this was indicative of our society's or at least management's obsession with weight OR people are realizing that scales aren't the best thing to have around so Target needed to move them out. Hmmmmm.

How wonderful to be getting everything in order in your beautiful new place.

Cammy said...

I wonder what algorithm saw you buying a lamp and purse and decided you'd be a likely scale-buyer too? Just because it identified you as a woman or someone who shops for one?

North of Normal said...

My scales are so inaccurate they verge on uselessness. I've been fighting the urge to replace them for ages and that would have pushed me over the edge, so good on you for seeing the irony and laughing at it.
I imagine they're giving scales coupons to lots of people at this time of year to feed into the bloody New Year Resolution fest that everyone else seems to be obsessed with (or at least everyone in my office).

RCK said...

I can't believe you're still posting awesome blog updates in the midst of compete moving craziness! You are my hero--and you need a gut-busting moment of hilarity to sooth your aching brain. (I'm working on a PhD in English Lit, which is pretty intense at the institution I attend, yet I can't explain to my colleagues that the things I actually find most stressful and difficult are grocery shopping, cooking, and eating my 3 damn meals...or dealing with hunger!) Anyway, my go-to places for gut-busting, stress-puncturing hilarity are:

1. YouTube for good Flash Mob videos (like the huge Sound of Music dance in Antwerp train station)...or ImprovEverywhere, which does things like en masse pantless subway rides in New York City--hilarious!

2. The Onion. 'nuff said.

3. and my Favourite:

- especially 'The Party', 'The God of Cake', and 'This is Why I'll Never Be an Adult'.
- but I warn you, these seriously put you in danger of peeing your pants.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you laughed at the irony of the scale situation ;)

I hope your move is going well! I just moved over the summer. And believe me I KNOW how much of a pain it is!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

The day before I left for residential treatment, I went to Target for some necessities. The coupon I received upon check-out was for... diet pills.

I Hate to Weight said...

good luck with everything. i'm moving on saturday. i'm kind of overwhelmed, but it's a good move. and i'm not taking the scale!

hope everything is going smoothly

Anonymous said...

once i was buying a book on AN and there was a promotion on chocolate at the bookshop and the guy working there just awkwardly handed me two bars of it, arrgh!

good luck with moving carrie!

- sarah-j

Stephanie said...

I'm going to borrow from June and say, in response the the coupon for a scale, "That's ED trying to pull a fast one" and yet you are on to him! Wishing you good luck and lots of distress tolerance skills for the move tomorrow! I'm very excited for you!

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