Lucky #13?

I'm like Laura- I've always had 13 as my lucky number after I won a cakewalk with that number.  (Ironically, my OCD "safe" number is 5.  Thirteen has no OCD attachments, though.)

What does 13 have to do with anything?

TNT announced on Monday that she was leaving clinical practice in January due to difficulties in finding childcare (she has several young children).  Which means I have to find another new therapist.  The end of TNT means I will be on lucky number therapist 13.

Yes, I counted. I'm a dork like that.

I love TNT and I don't want to find a new therapist.  On top of that, finding a new therapist is really hard for me.  For one, I'm not the world's easiest client, and not every therapist can put up with my issues.  For another, I know a lot about eating disorders.  More than most therapists, even some of those who specialize in eating disorders.  I don't mind doing some education, but I'm not forking over my hard-earned cash to teach someone about eating disorders.

I also really hate interviewing therapists.  Asking probing questions with my journalist's hat on is different from asking a therapist "So what do you think causes eating disorders?"  It's a hassle.  I don't mind it professionally because it's part of the job, but for finding a therapist, I kind of resent it.

The other really hard part is the fact that I'm not exactly around a large, urban area, which means I probably won't find an ED specialist.  I'm driving an hour each way to see TNT, and I'd ideally like to find someone closer.

I hate change to begin with, and this is not exactly something I want to deal with right now.

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Fellow OCD Sufferer said...

Could TNT give you a recommendation, perhaps? Someone with whom she would trust her clients? I feel for you because I am really attached to my therapists and wouldn't want to have to find new ones. Hopefully number 13 will indeed be the lucky one!

Carrie Arnold said...

I do have recommendations, but TNT hasn't been in the area much longer than me, and she's more familiar with the clinicians in her city. I do have three names, and we will see where they lead.

e.motions and ana.lysis said...

I'm going through the same thing right now, though not to the same extent (therapist #6, not #13), so I have a sense of how you feel. It's especially hard to find (or in my case, be assigned) a new therapist and have to form a relationship and trust all over again, especially after a good connection with someone else. Good luck Carrie. Hopefully 13's the charm.

Lisa said...

I find you very courageous in that you are strong enough to be put together while looking for another therapist. That says a lot of you. Know that you will find one. It's like finding the right person-- it might take a while but eventually it will happen.

Stay strong

hm said...

Did you try contacting neda/anad for recommendations? Regardless, you've still to do go through that interview process. That sucks. What about the group she started? Will that stop cold? One very positive thing is your determination to FIND a new therapist- you know what you need, and although you're dreading it, you're determined to find it. So you will succeed. Can you begin the process now, while still seeing TNT, so you can get her input on the therapists you try out?

Emily said...

Looking for a another therapist takes patience, strength, and...patience. It's challenging to find someone that you feel a connection with and that you can trust to guide you. There's so many caring people out there, so I hope that you find someone who is a good fit. Let us know how it goes!

I Hate to Weight said...

i am in the same situation, and i live in a pretty rural area to.

i love my current therapist- she's compassionate yet firm, very smart, a great person, a substance abuse specialist...

i haven't been able to get any names in my area and my therapist is putting out feelers too, but there's really nothing anywhere near me.

i hope you find someone wonderful -- i know the process sucks! who wants to start over with someone new?

i tell myself - i will find a really good therapist. and may that be true for you too.

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