I'm on Jezebel!

Not as a writer, though. I was interviewed by the fantastic Anna North on the subject of eating disorders, mental illness, and dating. I think the article turned out really good. My friends Tiptoe, Meggy Wang, and Sarah Ravin are also featured.

Check it out here:

The Delicate Balance of Dating and Mental Illness

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Kim said...

Great article! I remember telling my now-husband about my eating disorder history. It was so uncomfortable at first, but brought us so close, ultimately. There are tons of people out there who would be so lucky to have you as their significant other ;) You have such compassion and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

awesome! i remember your post about online dating, and nodding in agreement. I recently signed up on a site as well, and had some of the same thoughts you did. Great article!

Anonymous said...

I came to your site via Jezebel, and have spent a lot of time becoming acquainted with your story and your voice. This is a wonderful site, and I applaud your courage to come forward as an ED survivor!

Sarah at Journeying With Him said...

Carrie, you are such a strong voice for this community! Thank you for all you do. Now GO GET SOME BOYS!!!!! (said in a Teen Girl Squad voice, of course)

Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul said...

Woohoo! Great article!

Cathy (UK) said...

Hey, well done! We don't get Jezebel in the UK (or maybe it's just that I don't read women's magazines, the majority of which are just..... [yawn..]). This reads really well and will be helpful to many, I'm sure :)

Anonymous said...

Or try marrying someone but keeping it a secret- then when they inevitably find out they feel betrayed. :(

The wait one month rule is a great tip- the being honest part is even better.

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog and thought it looked interesting so I thought I would start following and see what I could learn about you. I too am recovering from an eating disorder and decided to start sharing my thoughts. I new that in order for my voice to be heard I needed to start networking with others. I hope that maybe things I write will offer you some insight as I am sure you will offer me much insight as well. Here is the link to my blog if you are interested. http://myrecoveryfromana-petra.blogspot.com/

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