Sunday Smorgasbord

Here is my collection of links from this week's news and published research on eating disorders, food, mental illness, and the occasional other topic I find interesting. I hope you enjoy this week's selection.

From the always awesome Mike Anestis at Psychotherapy Brown Bag: A Defense of Mental Illness Diagnosis and Treating the soul? That's not psychotherapy.

The coporate influence in school cafeterias. Will government ever do anything about it?

Traits from the happiest countries

More Mentally Ill Persons Are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals: A Survey of the States

Adult anorexia: the forgotten tragedy of lives lost to illness. This article features my very good friend June Alexander.

A teaser and trailer for Harriet Brown's upcoming book Brave Girl Eating.

Great article on the realities of body dysmorphia. Yes, it is real, and no, it has nothing to do with vanity. If only they didn't always place these articles in the "Lifestyle" section...

The risky business of hunger

Effects of body image therapy on the activation of the extrastriate body area in anorexia nervosa: An fMRI study.

Treating children with eating disorders

Perfectionism: Adaptation or Pathology?

Filmmaker starves himself for three months to raise awareness of eating disorders and ultimately only shows his own ignorance on the subject.

Stomach vs. Brain: Discovering Why Some People Can Resist Dessert While Others Can't

Shaming & blaming obesity public health campaigns do not work

How many energy drinks would it take to kill you? A handy online calculator by brand.

He ain't heavy, he's my doctor: Motivating weight loss moves in mysterious ways. The article is much more interesting if you substitute "ED recovery" or "not chewing my nails" for weight loss.

Support the Quebec Charter for Healthy and Diverse Body Image

Hospitalization trends in Spanish children and adolescents with eating disorders (1998-2007).

Exploring weight gain in year before treatment for binge eating disorder: A different context for interpreting limited weight losses in treatment studies.

Acute and chronic suppression of the central ghrelin signaling system reveals a role in food anticipatory activity.

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Melissa said...

That doctor who starved himself on purpose to "raise awareness"/"get attention"...oh WOW. Sooooo much wrong with that!

Melissa said...

Did I say doctor? I meant filmmaker. Weird.

Anonymous said...

great comments from june

EskieGirl said...

Awesome list! Must have taken you forever to compile that one ;) I can totally relate to the adult anorexia story... going through that right now...

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