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Another Sunday, another smorgasbord. I traveled far and wide around the internet to bring you some yummy nibbles and interesting articles, research, news, and factoids from around the world of eating disorders. As always, if you have any suggestions for smorgasbord articles, email me at or post it on the ED Bites Facebook page. I will happily credit you with the idea (or leave you anonymous if you prefer). If you email me, be sure to put "smorgasbord" or "ED Bites" in the subject line in case it gets lumped in with my spam- I usually check, but I don't want to miss anything!

Yoga-Based Eating Disorder Treatment Programs. They sound good, but as my friend M pointed out, we don't know how effective they are in the long run. Yoga has been shown to be an effective component of ED treatment, but I would love to see rigorous outcome studies from these programs.

Great post by Dr. Samantha Thomas about body image hypocracy.

Scientists say Weight Watchers does help people lose weight. But if it helped them keep it off, their business model would be pretty much kaput.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Myths and Realities

The Dark Side of Perfectionism Revealed. Interesting article on different types of perfectionism and how they affect health. Clearly, I'm a perfectionist because I thought, "Obviously, my problem is that I'm not good enough at managing stress!"

Open access article on "Serum glutamine, set-shifting ability, and anorexia nervosa."

What goes on inside your brain when you exercise? New studies tease out how exercise remolds the brain. (h/t Jen)

Normality Is an Endangered Species: Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis.

Study Compares 'Competing To Win' And 'Competing To Excel' In Adolescents I would imagine some of the difference lies in how adolescents feel when they compete and don't win/excel, and the motivations driving the competition.

Why Thought Stopping Doesn’t Work

Attachment insecurity, personality, and body dissatisfaction in eating disorders.

Old school 'cranium' images in the National Museum of Health and Medicine archives

The use of a parent support group in the outpatient treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders.

Forbidden Thinking: why we all experience those dark thoughts and why some people become fixated.

Eating Disorders and Mental Health Parity.

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Colleen said...

i love your sunday smorgasboards! keep 'em comin!

A:) said...

My concern with the overdiagnosis and DSM-V is the following:

It is true mental illnesses are overdiagnosed and stricter criteria needs to be brought in (perhaps actually psychological testing to make diagnosis -- establish abnormal thresholds of anxiety -- 1SD below normal,etc. . .)

However, looking at this from an ED perspective (of course!) the changes that have been made to DSM-V are positive. ED-NOS is diagnosed in the mjaority of the ED population, but as it is as "catch all" area, this means there are problems with the diagnostic system. These diagnoses do need to be modified if the system is to better serve individuals with EDs.

I think the problem lies not in the diagnosis itself, because when made by experienced clinicians, these are (hopefully) accurate and they can distinguish sub-clincal from clinical. The problem lies in the GPs,social workers, schools, and general public who are "making" these diagnosis's and are not equipped to do this.

I am worried that in tightening the DSM-V we would throw the baby out with the bath water. For example: BED is a real ED, but if it is diagnosed in anyone who is obese or OCCASIONALLY eats for emotional comfort/feels out of control we are going to be diagnosing EVERYONE.

Just some thoughts,


Anonymous said...

thought stopping is an interesting read same with the CBT one... i always thought that was like the end all be all in recovery if someone could manage that

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