I was checking out the plates on FEAST's 2010 Plate Drive (there's still time to create a plate if you haven't yet!) and I got the shock of my life: someone had dedicated a plate to me!

You can check it out by clicking on the Plate Drive link, and it's the fourth row down on the very left.

Whoever you are, you made me cry--in a good way. I am beyond touched. This blog means so much to me, and to have the outside acknowledgement (completely unsolicited!) that it means a lot to others is tremendously touching.

Thank you!

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James Clayton said...

Awww! Wonderful!

And I echo that sentiment. The plate doesn't lie Carrie: you're courageous and an inspiration!

Lisa said...

Two plates, Carrie! You're on two plates!

Colleen said...

Even those of us who left you plateless find you inspiring, Carrie.

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