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When I attend these large eating disorder conferences, it often feels rather surreal. Here I am, little old me, surrounded by (and engaging with!) these internationally renowned professionals. It never ceases to both amaze and astound me that this is really happening.

Tonight was one of those nights. I had dinner and a few beers in a Salzburg beer garden with Laura Collins, June Alexander, Susan Ringwood of B-eat (and her husband), Walt Kaye and Kitty Westin. I'm chatting with each of them, enjoying dinner and talking as if there was nothing more natural in the world than to be sitting here and sharing dinner with these amazing people.

I couldn't have felt more in awe if I had been meeting celebrities- and in the eating disorder world, these people really are celebrities. Laura insisted on reminding me that I was also a bit of a celebrity, although I don't know I will ever think of myself in that fashion.

The conference has been amazing, and I am so glad I came. It's been great to interact with such wonderful and passionate people from around the world. Tomorrow is my last day both at the conference and in Salzburg, and the presentation of my award in the afternoon.

For the time being, though, I need to try and get some rest!

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Katie said...

That sounds amazing :) and I know what you mean - I met Janet Treasure at a conference once, and being the incredibly cool person that I am, told her that she was "like eating disorder royalty". Okay then.

Tiptoe said...

So glad to her you are enjoying yourself and learning loads. I often feel this way with big name dog trainers/behaviorists, etc. I still get excited when they accept a friend request on facebook or add me to twitter. Or just simply talk to me.

But truly, Carrie, people recognize you and know who you are in the ED field for all the great work you do.

Anonymous said...

But you ARE famous! I really enjoy reading your blogs.

Sarah said...

Yes, yes, you ARE famous!!! Laura is right!

I am very jealous of the experiences you are having, the education you are receiving, and the people you are mingling with. They are distinguished enough to make me type "people" instead of "peeps," and that's saying something. Soak it up!

Also, way to rock recovery tonight and enjoy a meal and some beers out in a beer garden. You are an inspiration!

Cathy (UK) said...

I'm glad you're having so much Fun :)

When I hear the word 'celebrity' I am usually turned off because I view the whole celebrity culture world depicted in popular magazines as vacuous.

However, the people you mention in this post are really awesome and are doing good things in the world. If a celebrity is defined as someone who is greatly admired then these people have it.

I have no interest in our 'common or garden' celebrities that appear in weekly gossip magazines. The real celebrities on this planet are those who discover great things, or dedicate their lives to helping others.

As for you; be proud of what you're doing and who you are. Well done for winning an award!

marcella said...

Laura is right - you are a celebrity, and so is she. An international group of celebrities who REALLY matter - that's amazing.
And Katie - Janet Treasure IS royalty - the last few times I've been to London I arrived at Victoria (because that's where the bus stops) and walked straight on past Buckingham Palace, down Horseguards Parade the "wrong" way and went to see the real Queen at Guys.

Jackie said...

You are a celebrity, and I'm glad you're having a great trip. Best wishes :)

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you are having fun. I suspect some people are just as in awe of you as you are of them.

Love Charlotte

Erica said...

You are a celebrity! Enjoy every minute!

Laura Collins said...

You are a Rock Star, baby!

That was one of those "zounds - where are we? how did this happen? who let me in here?" moments. Lovely to share it with you - Lady Red Dress!

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