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I'm an avid fan of Facebook and social networking (although I haven't yet succumbed to FarmVille...) and I realized that it's high time ED Bites gets its own fan page.

My question for my readers is: what sort of information would you like to see on the ED Bites page?

On the one hand, I don't want to duplicate what I do here and on Twitter (you do follow me on Twitter, right?). On the other hand, I realize not everyone appreciates Twitter or is able to check my blog every single day. I know I can cross-post from Twitter to Facebook, a feature I intend to take advantage of. My goal at this point in time is to use my Facebook page to expand on my Twitter updates- I am, after all, a writer and that whole express-yourself-in-140-characters-or-less doesn't always work for everything I want to say.

Here is the link to the new ED Bites Facebook page. I will add a "Like" button to my blog as well.
So in the comments, feel free to share what you would like to see, any examples of awesome Facebook fan pages, or other thoughts you might have.

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Ophelia said...

Oooh this is fantastic, i'm glad you have a facebook page. I don't use twitter but am addicted to facebook.
As for content, all and everything! love informative articles, news, uplifting quotes...
great stuff xx

marcella said...

I don't tweet either - can't work it out at all. Facebook is great and it's great that you've put ED bites on it.

KristineM said...

I "liked" your FB page last night! Your strategy sounds wonderful. I don't do Twitter, but I do FB several times a day.

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