Sunday Smorgasbord

When I sit down to blog every Sunday, I always end up thinking "Really?!? It's time for another smorgasbord?"

Apparently so.

Enjoy your chewy little ED-related morsels.

1. Psychiatric disorders among parents of patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

2. Have you been denied insurance coverage for eating disorders treatment? Share your story here.

3. I'm feeling like some spleen: Hunger pangs guide meat-eating animals to eat certain body parts of their prey.

4. Differences between threshold and sub-threshold anorexia are irrelevant to response to cognitive behavioral therapy.

5. Why dieting tires you out

6. Using Dissonance-Based Interventions to Prevent Eating Disorders

7. The taste of tiny: Putting nanofoods on the menu

8. Research sheds new light on the role bacteria in the digestive tract may play in obesity.

9. Functional polymorphism in the GPR55 gene is associated with Anorexia Nervosa

10. Development and validity of the Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS).

11. Maintaining a therapeutic connection: nursing in an inpatient eating disorder unit.

12. Undue influence of weight and shape: is it distinct from body dissatisfaction and concern about weight and shape?

13. Obesity Rejected as Psychiatric Diagnosis in DSM-5

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From Here to There. In Purple. said...

always inspiring <3

Cathy (UK) said...

Thanks for these tasty morsels Carrie :)

Re. Using Dissonance-Based interventions to Prevent Eating Disorders:

The article states - "The program focuses on examining the costs of pursuing the thin-ideal-the thin standard of female beauty perpetuated in mainstream American culture."

Yuck, so it still harps back to the unfounded hypothesis that EDs are (usually) triggered by a pursuit of the 'thin-ideal'...

I don't dispute the fact that the so-called 'cultural ideal of thinness' may play a role in the development of some people's EDs, but there are very many people who aren't triggered into ED behaviours for these reasons. And, I'm not just talking about people with 'non-fat-phobic' AN. I'm including some 'fat-phobic' eating disordered individuals who react negatively to the normal fat gain of puberty, who have been subjected to body teasing or bullying by peers, or who have been sexually assaulted/abused and develop a resultant hatred of the womanly parts of their body (breasts, hips, thighs, belly).

This programme sounds no different to previous failed programmes. Why do these programmes fail? I guess it's because researchers are placing far too much emphasis on media and popular culture as an axiomatic cause of EDs.

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Mindy said...

I definitely agree with the article about the signifant role nurses play in inpatient settings. My nurse seriously was one of the most inspirational people in my recovery and I am soooo thankful for her. She obviously monitered physical health, but nurses have capacity to do so much more than checking vitals!
We spent many morning vitals with me bawling because of not wanting to do weights or "skin checks" and her endless patience in sitting down and talking through it, regardless of how much time it took up. we discussed weight fears, fears of coffee creamer, and just about everything. I cannot imagine going through treatment without her, honestly.

Rose said...

Hi Carrie!
So ive been reading your blog for about six months now, and i finally made a google account- so now i can comment! I just wanted to say hi and that as a fellow girl in recovery, i love and cherish your blog so much, so thank you :)
I also just made a blog of my own, although it literally has ONE entry on it and so i can assure you that right now its pretty (and most likely always will be) boring but i did put ED bites in my links, because you are one of my favorites !

my blog is this-

thanks for everything- keep going and keep wriitng!

Carrie Arnold said...


Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of blogging! I'm glad you joined us. It is literally the most worthwhile thing I have ever done. Hands down. If your experience is half as rewarding as mine has been, then you're in for a treat. :)

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