Sunday Smorgasbord

Because there's no better way to end your week, here's the always-quirky, ever-tasty Sunday Smorgasbord.

Being a Neurotic, Insecure Wreck May Help You Survive (I'm not insecure, I'm just highly evolved!)

Doubt Is Cast on Many Reports of Food Allergies

Allure of Vices Tied to a Woman's Monthly Cycle

10 Ways To Find New Motivation and Rise Above Roadblocks

Scientists trick mice's regular fat into becoming fat-burning fat

Fight Erupts Over Rules Issued for ‘Mental Health Parity’ Insurance Law

Report: Health Claims for Food, Drugs Deserve Same Scrutiny

When parents' good intentions disparage obese children

Large Clothes on Small Women: a Plus-Size Marketing Mystery

The Brain Science of "Aha" Moments

How can I encourage flexibility and independence in family-based treatment for anorexia? (Question of the week from Maudsley Parents)

New Intervention To Reduce Self-Stigma In Mentally Ill

Rise in eating disorder hospital admission

Severity of binge eating disorder linked to childhood sexual or emotional abuse

Washington University looking for participants in anorexia study

Hooked on a good thing: when exercise becomes addictive

Quality of life and eating disorders: a systematic review

Locating eating pathology within an empirical diagnostic taxonomy

And lastly, a cute kitten video for your enjoyment:

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Maddi said...

haha, cute kitten! :)

Cathy (UK) said...

I just want to pick up that lovely little kitty and give it a cuddle :)

He/she reminds me so much of my Tigger when he was baby...

Anonymous said...

On the large clothes/small women article, it seems pretty clear that the advertiser is sending the message that fat women had better wear baggy, not form-fitting, clothes and that if they do, they will look as good as the skinny models in the ads.

Thanks for the post though; it led to an interesting web site.

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