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Howdy there. I'm fighting off a nasty cold/cough combo at the moment, and so my brain is rather congested and I want to get to bed early. I even skipped my bike ride today (though thanks, self, for reminding me of that!).

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with sinuses that are less overflowing and a throat that feels less like I'm swallowing razors. Until then, I ask you to read this great article:

Finding a Healthy Medium: Eating disorders don't discriminate based on size

May this be the start of a new trend on educated, compassionate reporting on eating disorders.

Feel free to share your favorite article/story on eating disorders in the comments!

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Maddi said...

interesting article, thanks for sharing!

Cathy (UK) said...

Sorry you're ill Carrie... I hope you feel better soon!

The article you linked to is better than many, but my criticism is that (in some ways) it still emphasises the hypothesis that EDs are about physical appearance. This is only true if a person's sense of self/identity is based upon their physical appearance. I do feel that EDs have a lot more to do with self/identity than 'body image' - and a person's identity is usually based upon many factors; not just their physical appearance.

Abby said...

Just wanted to sympathize and say that although I never get "sick," I currently feel like crap on a cracker. I even skipped my half hour at the gym today in favor of the couch. This is monumental ;)

From one nose-dripping mouth breather to another (today anyway), get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Interesting if a bit sloppily written (at least, that's my assumption). The auther said that the woman introduced at the beginning of the article ate a bag of chips and a soda all day and was later recommended a "similar" calorie intake by a doctor? Something is fishy there, unless it was a HUGE bag of chips. What doctor would prescribe 300-400 calories per day?

Sarah said...

Thanks Carrie, I thought it was a great article and really took into account that binge eating disorder is a very serious issue. I think there is a certain amount of ridicule associated with BED and people don't take it seriously (or maybe I'm just projecting) and hopefully its inclusion in the DSM-V will help.

I hope you feel much better soon.

James Clayton said...

Feel better soon Carrie!

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