Sunday Smorgasbord

This week's smorgasbord is going to be a little shorter than usual- I worked a full shift today and yesterday and I am falling over with exhaustion.

The Bananas of Slip/Lapse/Relapse Prevention

Anti-Obesity Drugs Unlikely to Provide Lasting Benefit

Suppressing emotions increases desire to binge in women with BED

Depression moderates sociocultural influences on ED symptoms in adolescent females and males

Unstable emotions and binge eating in women with bulimia (from Psychotherapy Brown Bag)

Free webinar on the media and mental health recovery (via The F Word)

Pledge for Wellness: National Call to Action for Wellness of People with Mental Illness

When a parent has an eating disorder

Thin Wallets, Thick Waistlines: New U.S.D.A. Effort Targets Link between Obesity and Food Stamps

Body's anticipation of a meal can be a diabetes risk factor

Allocentric vs. egocentric frame of reference in body perception in anorexia

BBC News: Why Diets are Doomed to Fail

And, just for some random fun: The Sound of Jelly Wobbling was recorded for the very first time in 2008

Tomorrow I will return with another one of my Roadblocks to Recovery posts!

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Cathy (UK) said...

Re. 'Allocentric vs. egocentric frame of reference in body perception in anorexia nervosa'...

The dummed down article states:

"One of the most striking features of those suffering from anorexia nervosa is their perception of their bodies. You can put them in front of a mirror and they will still tell you they’re to fat when in fact they’re skinny."

Nope, I looked in the mirror and saw just what I was at the time: a skeletal body with grey/purple wrinkled skin; actually rather like a new born bird that had fallen from its nest.

Yet, I still couldn't bring myself to eat more because my mind wouldn't 'allow' me to.

I do find it frustrating when anorexia nervosa (AN) is represented by that oft-/over-used image of a thin girl looking in the mirror and seeing an overweight girl. I know that some people with AN dislike the presence of fat on their bodies, or certain body parts (because it translates in their mind to 'failure' in some way, or 'imperfection' - as discussed in yesterday's post), but does anyone with AN really see such a discrepant mirror image?

Returning to discussing the science of EDs is somewhat interesting after the discussion on yesterday's post. I had never considered this previously, but the science in some way 'de-humanises' AN. What I mean by this is that the science impies it's all the fault of the brain - i.e. we are at the mercy of our 'faulty brains'.

However, yesterday's discussion described very human thoughts and feelings relating to representation of the self in society and social hierarchy. It had nothing to do with distorted 'body image' - rather self-starvation as (somehow) representing a 'higher state' or 'better person'.

Hmmm... interesting me-thinks...

Thanks for posting Carrie :)

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