Sunday Smorgasbord

It's once again time for your Sunday Smorgasbord! These links are just a sampling of some of the interesting/newsworthy/otherwise mentionable happenings in the field of eating disorders.

Appetite may be partly linked to germs in the gut

Treating daughter's eating disorder must involve entire family

Appetite-focused dialectical behavior therapy for the treatment of binge eating with purging

Eating Disorders: They’re Not Just for Women Anymore (warning: pic could be triggering)

A combination of genetics and optics gives brain scientists an unprecedented ability to dissect the circuits of the mind

Sorority Girls More Likely To Have Bad Body Image

F.D.A. Cracks Down on Nestlé and Others Over Health Claims on Labels

Significant genetic influences on all forms of disordered eating

Elevation of homocysteine levels is only partially reversed after therapy in females with eating disorders

People with EDNOS show just as much functional impairment as those with BN

New Research Roundup On Contributing Factors for Obesity (hint: it's not lack of self-control or willpower)

What nutritionists really eat (@GreyThinking said it best: "If I ate like this RD, my dietitian would tell me it's disordered!")

Can the bacteria in our bodies control our behaviors like a puppetmaster pulls strings on a marionette?

Hour-glass figure activates the neural reward centre of the male brain (not exactly sure what I think of this...)

And last, but certainly not least:

Puddle the turtle has anorexia

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EvilGenius said...

the article about the dietitians actually made me laugh out loud and my housemates thought I was crazy! I have no idea how they all maintain their weight on grilled chicken and 140cal granola bars while at the gym every day! I guess they are different 'types' of dietitian...once while I was in hospital we got a locum and she was really into 'healthy' eating...whole grains and fruit etc. didn't work for anorexic patients obviously but you could tell she was used to working with the general population, more of whom would have benefitted from that advice.
anyway the part that made me cringe the most was the fact that the article called risotto milanese 'cheesy rice'...what?!

Katie said...

Haha that article about nutritionists made me laugh - I would fall over by 10am on a breakfast that low in carbs! I was interested to see the quoted figure of 59-82% genetic influence in eating disorders in the article about the same, isn't it great when research turns up the same results again and again? :)

Anonymous said...

My comment on the hourglass figure: it gives me a bit of hope about men. My mother told me for years when I was young that men didn't like skinny women, they liked women with curves. (She had 'em). As I got older, I started to wonder- after all if so many women were knocking themselves out to be thin, it MUST be to please men, so men must like the stick figure look. But... maybe now. Maybe men still like women who are built like women.

As for the nutritionist, I too would starve by 10 if I ate that breakfast. I need FAT in my breakfast. And she'd NEVER eat Fettucine Alfredo? Sad, truly sad.

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