Nutritional Narcissism

Remember when food was just food? I don't. But I try to imagine it sometimes. I grew up in the throes of fast food, Halloween candy, and plates of bacon at breakfast buffets only to learn that I was just another victim of the food processing industry. Food issues are fascinating if for no other reason that they instill a constant sense of humility.

With all this information about food, I have been compelled toward ambivalence. On the one hand, the issues are compelling and require large-scale change. On the other hand, the potential obsession about what we put in our bodies can lead to a sophisticated brand of narcissism.

So writes Jennifer Jacquet, in a post titled "Use the Force against the Dark Side of Food" on her blog Guilty Planet. I haven't read many other of her posts, but she used the term "eco-douchebag," so it has to be good.

Thoughts on this?

(Today's post on eating disorders vs. disordered eating has been postponed because I ended up at TJ Maxx for quite some time and uh, Aria needs a bath. The details are a little gross for the blog, but needless to say, her hindquarters need a good scrub. ATDT ladies, any virtual strap-on gonad donations will be greatly appreciated...)

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Kim said...

Yep, I understand what she's saying exactly. This is my greatest fear -- that I am becoming an eco-douchebag or a sophisticated food narcissist. It is way, way, way too easy to become obsessed with what we eat. I don't know if I want food to just be food, in that I'm glad I'm aware of nutrition and I'm glad I'm aware of environmental issues, blah blah blah. But, I don't want to become a weirdo who is fixated on every little thing. I think it's hard for me, as an absolutist thinker, to have opinions and preferences without becoming overzealous. There is so much information about food now. It's almost impossible to avoid. I'm just trying to work out how to incorporate the information in a healthy way. I think that's all any of us can do.

Anonymous said...

Way too many "shoulds" in her piece. She sounds almost like, dare I say it, an eco-douchebag. And what is she doing on her blog but just what she seems to be against: lobbying fellow consumers. Sorry, it left me flat. Maybe because I must be a lot older than she is- I actually REMEMBER making popcorn on a stove when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I want to read the whole post before I comment, but I'm definiely intrigued. GOOD LUCK with Aria - that's not fun. I don't have any gonads to offer, but I think ovaries are quite strong enough!! We're empowered women, right?

samsi77 said...

Did you refer to those directions that you shared with me in the past for tending to Aria's issue?

Carrie Arnold said...


Considering that Aria has two full sets of claws, I figured I could use two full sets of gonads. Although ovaries probably are better because they're not as, uh, accessible, to kitty cat claws as the other variety.

And yes, Stephanie, yes I did.

Adrianna said...

I eat whatever I what, when I want, as much as I want. Period. I pay no attention whatsoever to weight, appearance, dieting, or anything else like that. And I have to say, it's absolutely fantastic.

What's not fantastic is some of the looks and remarks I get from people when I go for that second helping of terriyaki cube steak or have the nerve to just go up and get dessert without having a dialogue with myself first. What's even worse is that I have the nerve to wear a size 16 and actually think I look good like that.

I'm in a sarcastic mood today, but I totally hear what you are saying. I have nothing against different types of diets, i.e. vegetarian, kosher, etc. I just can't stand people that evangelize about it. I don't hear Jews hectoring non-Jews about their "unclean" diets.

Anonymous said...

We need more women like Adrianna in this world.


Adrianna said...

"We need more women like Adrianna in this world.


Thanks a lot.:)

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